16 Apr

The solution to the Yang-Mills Millennium problem is found. The complete demonstration is found here.

In this demonstration, the first step is proving that relativity predicts a variable G.

The second step is adressing the Millennium Yang-Mills problem of strong force confinement. For that the following "assumption" is done.

    - "The four forces are unified by gravity".

There are arguments in favor of this assumption:

   - Eclipses anomaly. They can be explained only is gravitation is strongly scattered by particles.

   - Wired so-called tidal forces created out of nowhere by space-time deformation in todays relativity.

Please notice that the opposite assumption is odd. It is the following: "no unification exists between gravitation and the other forces". From this unifying assumption, General Relativity now plays a role in particle physics, and the surrounding effect arises in particle physics. This effect appears each time there is a triple interaction between particles, which happens with the tree quarks of a baryon. This gives a simple explanation to the mystery of the confinement of the strong force.

April 2024.

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