Surrounding and relativity in motion

The calculations of the gravitational predictions of General Relativity are wrong. When this error is corrected then it remains no gravitational mysteries anymore.
And under the fundamental assumption of the four forces unification driven by gravitation, a strong and simple clue is given for the Yang-Mills Millenium problem.
This is the result of my 25 years research. More details in this blog.

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When I was 24 I had this idea in which Physics could be watched as a whole, geometrically.

From it started an independant research in physics. A draft version of  "relativity in motion" was published in 2010. In 2015 it inspired the development of "surrounding".

Today in 2022 I have just refined the first work of 2010. The result is "relativity in motion", which shows that each of our important issues in physics are solved by a new assumption about the nature of matter and by the assumption that the four forces are unified by gravity.