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When I was 24 I had this idea in which Physics could be watched as a whole, geometrically. This led to a first gravitational model in 2010. This model is based on the supposition that each of the 4 forces might be governed by General Relativity principles, not only gravitation. This assumption gives rise progressively to my model.

In 2018 I was happy to present a "large scale" version of this model. This is what I call "new gravitational model" in this blog. It is finally a completed modified gravity, like MOND or alike. This model is called "Surrounding", or "Surrounding Matter Theory" (S.M.T.). It shows an interesting behavior like the self-generation of ring galaxies, for example. The corresponding paper has been published in 2018 and is available via this blog. Today in 2019 I am working to improve the formulation of the first gravitational model of 2010, hoping to publish soon.

I welcome collaboration with astrophysicists or cosmologists in order to compare "Surrounding" with experimental data.