Relativity predicts a variable G and gives the solution to the Yang-Mills Millennium problem

Relativity predicts a variable G. This is proven mathematically. The first result is that a gravitational model like surrounding(1) is predicted naturally by relativity. It shows that the so-called gravitational mysteries simply do not exist. Based on this corrected relativity, and assuming a relevant unifying assumption, the Yang-Mills Millennium problem finds its solution.

(1): "Surrounding" is a modified gravity, like MOND. It solves the main gravitational mysteries.

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When I was 24 I had this idea in which physics could be watched as a whole, geometrically.

From it started an independent research in physics. A draft version of  this work was published in 2010. In 2015 it inspired the development of "surrounding".

Today in 2024 I have just refined the first work of 2010. The result is "Relativity predict a variable G" and the "solution of the Yang-Mills Millennium problem", which shows that each of our important issues in physics are, in fact, solved by correct calculations in relativity.