Gravitational model

25 Apr

I have called my gravitational model "Surrounding", or "Surrounding Matter Theory" (S.M.T.). This gravitational model is the most recent one (copyright in 2015). It is now completed. It applies only at astrophysics scale. Below this scale, it is simply compliant with General Relativity (GR). This model is by far the most interesting one as a gravitational model. But it has to be compared with experimental data.

The idea at the construction of this model is that energy in the surroundings plays also a role in the equations of gravitation. GR tells us that the mass of an attracting object is determinating the modified space-time around it and therefore, gravitational acceleration. But in this new model, when calculating this gravitational acceleration in some given space-time event, one must also take into account the matter density in the surrounding of this location.

The motivation for giving this second role to energy requires to notice that in fact, GR tells us that it is the overdensity created by the mass of the attracting object which is determinating space-time, (more precisely the space effects of space-time deformations...), not exactly the mass itself. Therefore in GR the whole energy is not exactly taken into account for the static determination of space-time. This leads to the polemic around Mach's principle. And it suggests that something else might be added in order to take into account the whole energy for the determination of space-time. This is exactly what is doing Surrounding.

This generates a behavior in which space-time happens to have an "elasticity". And the elasticity modulus is roughly proportional to matter density at the location where the gravitational force is calculated. 

The paper here shows this mechanism in details, and quickly illustrates its behavior:   SMT, EPJ,     SMT, CSS2018, pages 204-228.

Here are the programs which I used in this paper for illustrating the model's behavior: 

        Galaxy simulation:   stet.7z       

        Bullet cluster:

Here are their results (download, execute, clic "more information", and "executes anyhow"):

        Newton's law speed profiles       

        SMT speed profiles       

        Newton's law structures       

        SMT structures      <--------------- this one shows a bar with its unrolled arms 

        Use the keyboard arrows for navigating in those videos.

Slides of the presentations

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